Sculpted Punch



Encounter Conditions

Only until you have taken the punch.

Initial Text

Just when you thought Metroplex University might run out of terrifying colors to make punch, they trot out this grey sludge. Well, it seems liquid enough, just grey and opaque.

Anyway, aside from some distractible college students, you've got a clear shot at the punch.

Summary of Choices

  1. Drink it - gain 20 energy of Sugar Rush and Halloween Spirit or 10 energy of Etheric and Halloween Spirit (affected by Eclipse Duration)
  2. Take it - gain stone punch
  3. Mingle - gain 4 XP in Will
  4. Leave it - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Drink it

You help yourself to a ladleful of punch. It's shockingly sweet for something so dully colored.

But festive, particularly here among the statues.

You've gained 20 energy of Sugar Rush.

You've gained 20 energy of Halloween Spirit.

Take it

(missing message)

You found: stone punch



You strike up conversation with a costumed man next to the punch bowl. He's wearing a toga and, perhaps unsurprisingly, is quite soused.

"That's the secret," he confides in you almost immediately, "you've got to start drinking before the party. It's like a warm up. And it's not like I could sneak a keg in under my toga, eh?"

"Anyway, I hope the chaps who snuck into the Dorms are alright. I mean, people snuck in last year and you see where that got us?"

He cocks his head to the side as though listening for an explosion and loses track of the thread of the conversation.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Leave it


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