Image SDnano.jpg
Description A stealth attack that works better as an opener and deploys a drone.
Chain 9
Type Stealth
Attribute Perception
Base Damage 4
Special +4 Base Damage as the first Technique in a Chain. Also deploys a drone which may perform an additional attack at the end of your Chain

Attack Summary (normal attack)

Condition Base
Normally 4
You drop your spider drone and it unfolds, then scurries onto <opponent>. The drone viciously stabs him several times with its needle-like legs for <X> damage.
As opener 8
You carefully set down your spider drone and coax it open. It unfurls and crawls onto <opponent>, then stabs it with its tiny legs. It takes him by surprise and deals <X> damage.

Attack Summary (additional end of chain attack)

If you are not killed in the previous pass, you get a free technique added to the end of your chain:
Condition Base
Normally -
Your SDnano detaches from <opponent> and folds back into its dormant state.
Condition* ??
Your SDnano discharges the rest of its battery into <opponent>, creating arcs of lightning as it folds back into its dormant state. The crackling electricity deals <X> damage.
Against an electric enemy 4 (untyped)
The SDNano draws power from the <opponent>, dealing <X> damage, then folds up and returns to sleep mode.
Against an electric enemy and condition* 8 (untyped)
The SDNano crackles with electricity, dealing <X> damage to the helidrone and filling the room with the smell of burning circuitry.


Using an SDnano prototype


* The extra damage at the end of combat is not dependent on use as opener. Spading needed.

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