Secrets Of The Cube


Image Puzzle-Box-25.jpg
Description You've learned the puzzle's secrets and made them your own. Now you can more effectively draw on its power.
Effects Increases the Mysterious Puzzle's Power bonus by 3


Reading the mysterious puzzle tablet under the effects of both Puzzle Sight and Blood of the Ancients.

See guide on discussion page.

You can see eighteen ways the text could fit together and somehow they all make sense. A strange feeling of understanding wells up within you.

This entire box is newer than it looks. It's not an ancient relic, it's a testing tool constructed by Midgard Industries.

Now, who it's supposed to test and for what, you don't know. But apparently you passed.


Causes each form of the mysterious puzzle box to give +5 power when equipped instead of +2.

Each move of the puzzle gives 5 turns of the Puzzled Out instead of 10. (buffs give 10 as usual)

Unlocks a static television program that removes Puzzled Out.

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