Secured Files

For the Routine with the same name in the Call Center see Secured Files (Call Center).


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Type File System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1 Offense Your attack tears through the library like tissue. ? (removes routine)
1 Command You test its commands, moving files here and there. It might be good as a prank, but isn't particularly illuminating. ?
1 View If you got that quest from Larry and have none of the recipes:
If that antidote Larry was talking about exists, it should be in here somewhere. Huh, that sounds promising.

If you got that quest from Larry and only know the Slags Antidote recipe:
You need to figure out how to make liquified Eclipse to get that antidote… there it is!

You open the files, expecting to find Midgard secrets or at least medical files. It's strange, though. There's only a handful of files.

You open one up and take a look. The one's title is 'Beach Life,' which could mean something harmless in another computer system. Here it's a summary of some of the more dangerous denizens of the beach east of the lab.

The primary subject of the file is creatures that lurk below the sands, entangling passersby with their long tentacles. Several scientists have their say in the report, but they agree the species falls outside and between normal classifications.

A footnote added by username Admin_Boris indicates the tendrils of the creatures, either shed naturally or "harvested directly" can be heated then compressed to release a golden fluid that helps speed natural healing. It would probably be easy enough to test it with a chemistry kit.

Towards the end of the document, there's a short note about reports of other creatures brought in under the effects of the Slags toxic rains. Everything from living mounds of sludge to flying eyeballs to singing fish has been reported. Whoever wrote that section of the report certainly doesn't hold back on the venom, but there is a short… almost fearful… note mentioning that reports on the creatures are very consistent between individuals.


The secured files haven't changed since you looked last, so you open the next one in the list. This file covers the drones used in and near the facility, referred to as CD and AD. The terminology is unfamiliar, but you recognize the CD line as the hound drones that accompany Midgard Security and ADs are apparently mobile weapon platforms held aloft by a rotor.

Apparently, CD security is standard at Midgard facilities, mandated from someone called Heimdall. However, he also mandates a wireless net to monitor their progress and allow them to sound alerts. You haven't noticed anything of the sort in their systems here.

The AD line are used heavily in patrolling the nearby shoreline and within the Slags, but can't be used effectively inside a building. Heimdall's suggestions for linking them into a computer net seem to have been ignored here as well. Unless it's well hidden, there isn't even a receiver that could catch their distress beacons from the shore.

There isn't mention of any other lines, but they're probably just not in use here. Unfortunately, the document doesn't include any advice on deactivating… uncooperative drones.


The secured files haven't changed since you looked last, so you open the next one in the list. This one is titled, slightly ominously, "Patient 2946." None of the other documents seem to have anything to do with patient records so this one must be special.

The record picks up with a team finding a young woman washed up on the nearby beach, covered in the toxic sludge Lake Metroplex has become known for. After a strange altercation where the team's drone misidentified her as a target and had to be put down, she was brought in for treatment.

Aside from two factors, she was found to be in perfect health and sound mind. She suffered from a mild case of "Slags Toxification" after exposure that would have melted the average person. And, more interestingly, she suffered from a strangely functional amnesia.

The report goes on for almost a dozen pages discussing her resistance to toxins and swift recovery from the drone attack, but leaves the amnesia mentioned only as a passing irritation until several weeks later.

She'd been allowed access to the lab's break room between tests. Returning from one break, she flatly requested to see someone. The request was granted and he arrived to take her away within the hour.

Unfortunately her request is recorded as "I need you to contact REDACTED from REDACTED. Tell him REDACTED passed through REDACTED. What… what's REDACTED?"


The secured files haven't changed since you looked last, but you grab one at random to reread. You might hope a document titled "The Slags" would contain some interesting history or scientific summary, but you'd be disappointed.

It mostly covers the security for the Slags gate. The only people allowed in are the specially-trained guards, certified medical staff, and the occasional guest cleared by Midgard Special Projects.

The guards at the gate are otherwise authorized to kill anyone who approaches, aided by turrets built into the wall itself. Drones also patrol the wall itself, with programming to kill anything climbing.

If they didn't have to let people in and out constantly, it'd be almost impenetrable.


The secured files haven't changed since you looked last, but you grab one at random to reread. This safety document is title "Toxic Rains." You can see from its security settings that dozens of people have access to it, so at least someone thinks it's useful.

The document itself details the rain storms common over the nearby beach. Although some rains are harmless, most carry the risk of "Slags Intoxification."

It has a few suggestions for conquering the storms. Anyone dispatched to the beach should wear an air filter of some nature and a containment suit if possible. They should also carry at least one vial of Slags Antidote, either for themselves or their team mates.

The last piece of advice is a bit stranger. "Anyone suspecting they have been poisoned should make contact by comm for treatment rather than returning to the facility directly. Until that time, avoid any patrolling AD or CD units."
? You've learned a new chemistry recipe: Liquified Eclipse - Create a more potent, liquid form of Eclipse with two Eclipse tablets.

You've learned a new quest recipe: Slags Antidote - Boil down two clumps of withered tendrils with liquified Eclipse to create an antidote to Slags poisoning.

You've learned a new chemistry recipe: Liquified Eclipse - Create a more potent, liquid form of Eclipse with two Eclipse tablets.

You've learned a new chemistry recipe: Tendril Drops - Process down some Withered Tendrils into soothing drops

Or, after seeing all the results:
Gain 4 XP in Perception
1-2? View, with a Biotech PDA equipped The terminal helpfully displays 'External Device Recognized! Access Recognized! Greetings Admin_Boris!' and displays a list of personal log entries.

And, first time:

It seems all of Boris's logs are here, from the day he started heading the facility about three years ago. They're tagged by date rather than subject, which means your best bet is to skip through them until you find something interesting.

Luckily, the very first entry fits the bill. It begins with a voice recording.

"Hello, this is Boris, new head of Midgard Bioresearch, MBR. I've created this log to get the thoughts out of my head. Can't tell anyone else, after all. Ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA!"

"Even with Midgard's best Cleaners having gone through the place, you can still smell death. I finally got the promotion. A lab of my own. A chance to prove myself! Fate is a funny woman."

"The old staff is all gone. Management says there was a chemical leak, killed them all. Probably means it's something even worse, da?"

"I heard one of the Cleaners. She said half the eggheads were in straightjackets after killing the other half. More truth in that joke than a thousand memos."

"Anyway, time to meet the new eggheads and see what's left in the holding pens. Boris out."

Second Time:

You skip ahead, past hours of boring medical records and management details until you hit the next interesting entry. The voice recording picks up.

"I think someday Special Projects is going to kill me. I just hope it's with needlers and not with heart attacks. Go out fighting like dad. Show 'em the Claw. Heh heh heh heh heh."

"They're pulling out all the high security patients, moving them down to the Slags facility. They say it's so there isn't another Class S event this close to civilization."

"I ask them how this toxic pit is close to civilization. But they don't really get angry until I ask them what a Class S event is. Looked ready to fill me with needles. Forgot the first rule: never ask questions."

"So tomorrow, all the test subjects are gone. We do… nothing. Good thing we got that new break room. Heh. Boris out."

Third Time:

You skip ahead, past hours of boring medical records and management details until you hit the next interesting entry. Boris's voice kicks in, sounding a little dulled. "Ahhh, poor Murphy. So young, you know? He doesn't understand Midgard yet."

"He asked me to check with Special Projects about getting Patient two nine four six back. Murphy thinks she's the key to reinhabiting this area, making it safe. He thinks… quietly, not even in his message… but he thinks that she might be the key to true regeneration. I prefer metal myself, but I hear some people like fleshy limbs. Crazy, I know."

"I told Murphy I couldn't do it. He might be right. It doesn't matter. Never has. You don't ask questions."

"I hope he listens… Boris out."

Fourth Time:

You skip ahead, past hours of boring medical records and management details until you hit the next interesting entry. There's a long pause before Boris's voice comes on, sounding strained. "Murphy, Murphy, Murphy. Why is he so stupid? He does these things… not understanding Midgard… not understanding Slags… not understanding Special Projects."

An electronic buzz echoes through another long pause. "He is so stupid… he goes over my head, to head of division, da? Never found what he said… never will, now."

"When Murphy had to go home early today, said his daughter was sick, came home from school… I knew already." Boris's voice pauses again and you can hear nothing but ragged breathing and that buzz for a few seconds. "One of the security guys saw it on the cameras. We had to sedate him… in cell 15."

"The spiders… waited in her until he was there… they… Never mind, this isn't helping." The recording ends with a click.

Fifth Time:

You skip ahead, past hours of boring medical records and management details until you hit the next interesting entry. The audio recording kicks in halfway through Boris saying something. "…citing development today! A few of the staff were caught by a freak storm near the beach, got poisoned pretty bad."

"Which I'm sure was terrible. But while they were poisoned, all of them had the same hallucination about walking on an oil slick. One of them was dragged under by a humanoid thing made of sludge."

He breaks into laughter which seems rather inappropriate for the topic. "Two nine four six had talked about them. She'd seen them too, but none of the staff out there had ever talked to her!"

"She talked about pulling out one of their hearts. I think I know what I can do next time management lets me send somebody out there. Heh. Ha ha ha HA HA HA… ahem. Boris out."

Subsequent Time:

You seem to have run out of log entries, so you loop back and reread one of the interesting ones.

(followed by text from one of above)
Defense, Other The files don't seem to take any interest in your batch. ?



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