Secured Files (Call Center)

For the Routine with the same name in Midgard Bioresearch see Secured Files.


Image Library.jpg
Type File System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1 Offense (1 A+2V) Your attack tears through the library like tissue. ?
1-7 Command You test its commands, moving files here and there. It might be good as a prank, but isn't particularly illuminating. ?
1 View
2 V + 4 C
1 V + 4 C
You check over some of the files, but their sheer number and volume is overwhelming. All you can safely say is that Midgard sells a lot of drones. ?
4-7 View
C2 + 4V
3V + 3C
You browse through some sales files. It's likely there's some interesting stuff in here, but nothing immediately stands out.

You download as much sales data as you can.
? Gain drone sales data
Defense, Other The files don't seem to take any interest in your batch. ?


Call Center Computer

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