Security Guard



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You run into a security guard separated from the others. His closest comrade is buried in a crowd of nearby protesters.

"Move along, move along," he drones half-heartedly.

Summary of Choices

  1. Ask how you can help - He drops heavy hints that Midgard can't beat up the protesters until they get a bit rowdier.
  2. Throw down - Fight Midgard Security, increases protest size
  3. Report the hustler's beating - Only if you got the crowd to beat up the pool shark Unlock Quad Crackdown
  4. Report the professor's beating - Only if you lost to the 4-protesters vigilante encounter Unlock Quad Crackdown
  5. Leave him be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Ask how you can help

"Help? Well, we're at a stand off, really." He looks around the protesting crowd.

"Either someone needs to convince them to go home… or someone needs to give us a reason to fight back… if you get my drift. Then things'll be over real quick."

(Unlock Boring Guard encounter)

Report the hustler's/professor's beating

"Really?" he cocks his head towards you. "Beating up civilians… that's just unsportsmanlike of them. Don't you think?"

He waves off your answer."Well, I'd better go tell the boys then."

Throw down

The guard looks more surprised than anything. "Hey! I've got work to do here!"

(Fight Midgard Security)

Leave him be

See Walk Away

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