Security Guard Conspiracy



Encounter Conditions

After seeing the Strange Conversation in Shadows
No longer shows up after killing the 2 Family Enforcer combat on the waterfront ("You get the feeling that was the final wave they could muster")

Initial Text

In the shadows of the Waterfront, you see a well-dressed (or at least better-dressed) man talking to a pair of security guards. They're keeping their voices down, but that just makes it all the easier to see that they're conspiring about something.

He looks like one of the people you saw clashing before, so he might belong to some gang. Or it could be normal corporate politicking… it's hard to say from here.

Summary of Choices

  1. Eavesdrop - 2 XP Perception, or, with a computer equipped: hack Waterfront Scheduling
  2. Demand your money (As long as there are false records present from using command on Scheduling Tables) - Fight 2 Dock Security and Family Enforcer or in Midgard Security outfit gain 22-30 credits and 3 XP in Will
  3. Jump him - Fight a Family Enforcer
  4. Wait for the guards - Fight 2 Dock Security
  5. Kill everyone - Fight a Family Enforcer and 2 Dock Security
  6. Leave them be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results


You hang back and listen to their conversation. There's some discussion about checking into a site to make sure the schedule is right… sounds more like a corporate team meeting than some criminal enterprise, but people are getting paid out.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

Or, with a computer equipped:

You eavesdrop on their conversation, waiting until one of the guards asks for the site's address again. It's gibberish, as far as you can tell, but with your computer right here it's an easy matter to jump in.

Now, if only they also forgot their password.
(Leads to Waterfront Scheduling hacking encounter)

Demand your money

The security guards look particularly affronted by your claim. As they lash out at you, the well-dressed man shrugs and joins in.

(Fight 2 Dock Security, 1 Family Enforcer)

Or, in Midgard Security outfit:

The man checks over some sort of list on his comm. "Looks like we did. Sorry about that."

You gained 22-30 credits!

You've earned 3 XP in Will

If successful removes one false record from the Scheduling Tables.

Jump him

You jump the better-dressed man after he leaves the group.

(Fight a Family Enforcer)

Wait for the guards

You wait for the better-dressed man to leave and jump in to take care of the guards. Who knows, one of them might have even left their credits loose.

(Fight 2 Dock Security)

Kill everyone

You charge into the group, your mind bent on murder.

(Fight a Family Enforcer and 2 Dock Security)

Leave them be

Business transactions, shady or otherwise, aren't really your concern.

Walk Away

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