Serpent Venom


Image SerpentScale25.jpg
Description Whatever was in that venom is making it hard to concentrate or move. Everything's just kind of fuzzy.
Hidden Flags Toxin Effect
Effects -50% Reflexes
-50% Will


serpent venom gland (20 Energy, 1 Body)
serpent's staff (20 Energy or 25 Energy w/ Fae Sight, 3 Body)
Various encounters with the serpent in the Fractured Reflection (Summer)

Cured by

See Toxin Effects


Enhances the Striking Shield technique, maybe? See Striking Shield discussion.
Enhances Serpent Strike technique.
Sometimes gives bonus XP to either Will or Reflexes after combats if Will and/or Reflex techniques are used. Holding a poison apple or venomous angel increases the bonus XP to +2. (see discussion page for many, many details)

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