Severely Charred


Image fire25.jpg
Description You're burnt from head to toe. Any normal person would be in a hospital, but you're just in crippling pain.

Actually, a hospital visit might not be a terrible idea if you can find one that'll take you.
Hidden Flags Burn Wound Effect
Effects -10 Fire Defense
-5 Strength
Moderately Increases Chance of Combat Encounters


The Black Book encounter: A Faceless Hero (10 energy)
The Charnel House (reopened) encounter: A Lake Covered By Mists (10 energy)
Fires of the Black Book encounter: Over The Lake Of Fire encounter in Fires of The Black Book (20)

Removed By

Using clean rags
Using flower ointment
Using rose balm
Using panacea pill
Using personal ointment
Resting at a hideout with a Street Doc

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