Sewer Hideout


This area is unlocked during the Docks Quest: after you finish it, it is no longer available. It is accessible from the Dockside Sewers (before quest).

This counts as underground, indoors.

The area is roughly divided into 6 sub-zones. As you kill guards or pass choice encounters, you advance deeper into the camp. Once you reach the last zone, you can take on the gang boss. Passing through the Security Hole or Deeper into the Camp will advance you one zone. It is also possible to get to the gang boss by avoiding the security checkpoints and killing 30 guards.

Some encounters only show up in certain areas. (Table is not very complete yet.)


  1. Near sewers
  2. Faint lights
  3. Edge of buildings
  4. Near water
  5. At water's edge
  6. Middle of the camp
Area Other conditions
Encounter 1 2 3 4 5 6
Dockside Ganger1 y y y y y
Gang Enforcer2 y
Gang Enforcer, Dockside Ganger3
2 Gang Enforcers4
2 Gang Enforcers5
2 Dockside Gangers6 y y y
Lake Serpent7 y Etheric
Mushroom Scout8 Etheric
Who Are You y - - - - -
Couriers y y - - - -
Sleeping Fangs - y y y y
Empty House - y y y y
Trio Of Guards y y y y y
Security Hole y y y y y -
Mushroom Guide y Etheric
Mushroom Charge y Etheric
Fang Boss - - - - - y
Imposing Man - - - - - y
The Stash - - - - - y
Center of Attention y y y y -
Deeper into the camp y* y* y* y* y* -
Dead Gang Boss - - - - - y

* Different results each time


Resting here heals a base 15 hit points and gives this message:

You find a corner away from the Fangs' lights and collapse for a while.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Combat Encounters

                Opponents                 Encounter Text Notes
1 blueganger.jpg You come face to face with a younger Fang carrying a small package. He desperately goes for his gun, like its simple presence will magically solve this situation.
2 bluegangerthug.jpg The Fangs' network of guards is fairly lax towards the edge of their base. When you hear the gun cocking behind you, you suspect they might have lulled you into a false sense of security.
3 bluegangerthug.jpgblueganger.jpg As you make your way through the hideout, you're confronted by two gangers. Neither seems terribly interested in talking things out.
4 bluegangerthug.jpgbluegangerthug.jpg As you make your way through the hideout, you're confronted by two massive gangers. Neither seems terribly interested in talking things out.
5 bluegangerthug.jpgbluegangerthug.jpg You hear a shout behind you, following by a quick burst of gunfire. Whether it was a warning shot or just poorly aimed, the Fang guards behind you show no signs of recognizing you or being interested in introductions. Perhaps if you had killed other fang members despite entering peacefully? Or perhaps only if you enter using the cracked baseball bat method instead of the Carlos method?
6 blueganger.jpgblueganger.jpg Slipping deeper into the Fangs' hideout, you all but run headfirst into two guards. Dammit.
7 Eclipse.jpg seaserpent.jpg A dark lake stretches out beyond the Fangs' primitive lighting. From the reek of dead fish and the slightly subtler scent of toxic waste, you'd guess it connects to Lake Metroplex on the surface.

As you contemplate the darkness, your world surges. The waters part to reveal a massive serpent, bellowing a wordless challenge and lunging towards you.
If you successfully run away:
The massive serpent howls with terrible hunger.
Triggers new interaction in Trio of Guards.
8 Eclipse.jpg MushroomDude.jpg A walking mushroom, straight from a thousand drug-induced hallucinations, charges towards you out of the shadows. For a moment, it's easy to discount it, but as it approaches you can hear the whistling of its jagged spear and catch the acrid scent of its spores. Only if you have earned the Fangs' trust by shaking down dockhands for them?

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

   Encounter Result Notes
Center of Attention Gain 5 Energy of Annoying Headache and 3 XP in Will Only if you helped out
Deeper into the camp Only if you helped out
Spreading the Alarm 3 XP in Perception If you attacked the guard in Who Are You
Dead Gang Boss get encrypted PDA Only if you tied to the Gang Boss
Spooked get encrypted PDA Only if you lose to the Gang Boss enough?

Choice Encounters

NOTE: many of the encounters below are locked or unlocked if you are here "by invitation". You can get in "by invitation" if you do:

  • Carlos puts in a good word or you have a cracked baseball bat
  • Then do the docks shakedown mini-quest (see Jagged Hole)

Who Are You? - (by invitation only)

  1. Jump him - fight Gang Enforcer
  2. Introduce yourself - information or fight Gang Enforcer
  3. Turn and run - alerts the hideout

Couriers - (without invitation only)

  1. Jump them - fight 2 Dockside Gangers
  2. Follow them - gain 3 XP Perception, or with 6 Perception: unlocks Security Hole next encounter
  3. Scare them - gain 2 XP Will
  4. Leave them - walk away

Relaxed Couriers - (by invitation only)

  1. Jump them - ???
  2. Follow them - progress further into the hideout
  3. Stop to chat - gain 2 XP Perception
  4. Avoid them - walk away

Sleeping Fangs - (advanced in the hideout at least once, if you haven't killed <10 Fangs)

  1. Burn it down (evil) - Kill 4 Fangs
  2. Steal what you can (evil) - gain 45-60 credits, 2-3 Eclipse, 3-4 of: cup of Joe, electrical kit, heavy pistol, light armored vest or, with low stats: fight 2 Dockside Gangers and 2 Gang Enforcers
  3. Wake them - fight 2 dockside gangers and 2 gang enforcers
  4. Watch from here - gain 3 XP Perception or, with 6? Perception: unlock Security Hole
  5. Leave it - walk away

Empty House - (advanced in the hideout at least once, if you've killed ≥10 Fangs)

  1. Steal their stuff - gain 22-29 credits, Eclipse, cup of Joe, heavy pistol
  2. Set it on fire - cause a distraction
  3. Check security from here - gain 3 XP Perception or, with 6? Perception: unlock Security Hole
  4. Leave it be - walk away

Trio Of Guards - (advanced in the hideout at least once)

  1. Start a fight - fight 3 Dockside Gangers
  2. Stay and eavesdrop - gain 2 XP Will or gain Dr. Thomas as a contact when < 10 Fangs have been killed.
  3. Add the Eclipse to a coffee (evil) - 2 XP in Perception, or (if Etheric) 3 XP in Will; distract guards (?)
  4. Leave them be - walk away

Security Hole - (unlocked once per successful follow/sneak immediately after Couriers or Mushroom Guide or Empty House or Sleeping Fangs)

  1. Creep quietly - Fight 2 Gang Enforcers, or with ?? Stealth Power: advance deeper in the camp
  2. Dash through - Fight 2 Gang Enforcers, or with ?? Reflexes: advance deeper in the camp
  3. Wait patiently - Fight 2 Gang Enforcers, (or any other way to pass??)
  4. Abandon it - walk away

Eclipse.jpg Mushroom Guide
  1. Follow its lead - unlocks Security Hole next encounter
  2. Try to trade - nothing, or, with a protein bar in your inventory:
    1. Trade for the mushrooms - gain ?-4-? of red toadstool, large mushroom, (probably edible mushroom)
    2. Trade for the spear - gain fungus spear
    3. Trade for help - unlocks Mushroom Charge next encounter
    4. Keep your protein bar - walk away
  3. Attack it - fight Mushroom Scout
  4. Block it out - gain 3 XP Will

Eclipse.jpgMushroom Charge (unlocked once per successful trade immediately after Mushroom Guide)
  1. Lead the attack - Gain 1 turn of Mushroom Ally, fight Dockside Ganger|Dockside Gangers]]] and 2 Gang Enforcers
  2. Turn on it (evil) - fight Mushroom Scout
  3. Back out - walk away

Fang Boss - (by invitation only, after reaching the middle of the camp)

  1. Confront him - Fight gang boss
  2. Stop and chat - Get encrypted PDA
  3. Go for sabotage/Try some sabotage - Get encrypted PDA
  4. Leave him be - Nothing

Imposing Man - (Only occurs after killing 30 gangers, through choice and combat encounters)

  1. Show yourself - Fight gang boss
  2. Offer him a way out - Get encrypted PDA
  3. Leave him alone for now - Nothing

The Stash - (Only occurs after getting rid of the Gang Boss)

  1. Steal the crates - Get 5 crate of Eclipse, complete Docks quest
  2. Burn the crates - Get 25 energy of Etheric, complete Docks quest
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