Sewer Mutant

Scary Opponent

Image SewerMutant.jpg
Combat Name The twisted figure
HP 50
Stats Perception: 4
Reflexes: 4
Strength: 4
Will: 4
Power Melee: 0
Ranged: 0
Evasion: 0
Unopposed: 0
Defense Melee: 6
Ranged: 6
Fire: 0
Etheric: 0
Stealth: 6
Reactive: 0
Traits Has Writhing Flesh
Awards Gain 4 XP
You found: filthy baseball bat (sometimes)
You found: filthy old sack (sometimes)
You found: old pipe (sometimes)
You found: 1-2 mutant cell samples (sometimes, if Myers sampling kit equipped)
You learn a new technique: Primitive Attack (sometimes)


Using warring samples (fight 3-5)

Dockside Sewers:

Abandoned Subway:

Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Throttle 0 4 Melee (normal)
'' 10 Melee (unopposed)
Primitive Attack 1 5 Melee (normal)
'' 9 Melee (versus Ranged)
Lash Out 2 2 Melee (normal)
'' 5 Melee (as closer)
Crushing Punch 3 5 Melee
Dive for Cover 4 4 Evasion (M,R,F)
Acid Spit 4 8 Ranged (normal)
'' 20 Ranged (vs. Writhing Flesh)
Tongue Throttle 4 8 Melee
Burrow Into Garbage 5 7 Evasion (M,R,E,S)


Fuming Acid and Acid Splash deal extra damage when used against this opponent, also preventing the Wounded Mutant encounter in the Dockside Sewers (because you kill instead of wound the mutant you fight).

You can learn about this opponent from the Familiar Face and Subway Dweller Conversation encounters, as well as the Vigilante recording.

When fighting the trio of them in Abandoned Subway, wearing a containment suit (or pieces of one?) and losing you get the following message:

The forms tear into your containment suit, rending through plastic and tubing. One lands a vicious blow, shattering the faceplate of your helmet.

They stop after destroying the suit and stare at you curiously, then wander off.

You found: unlined pants or unlined vest or metallic powder

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