Shadowed Mask


Image shadowedmask.jpg
Description Strike from the shadow of your mask
Chain 2
Type Stealth
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 2
Special +4 Base Damage as an Opener

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 2
You grin distressingly while cutting into the <opponent> for x stealth damage.
As opener 6
You grin suddenly and cut into <opponent> for <x> stealth damage.
While in at least one part of the Doctor Disguise and not as the opener 6
You grin from the shadows and cut into <opponent> like a surgeon for <x> stealth damage.
With abstract domino mask 6
You grin beneath your mask and cut into <opponent> for x stealth damage.
Opener, with abstract domino mask 10
You grin distressingly beneath your mask while cutting into <opponent> for x stealth damage.


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