Encounter Conditions


Area Image Message                 Rewards                
Southside Park dumpster.jpg You practice your shakedown skills on a few of the bums selling stuff in the park. You come back with a surprisingly good haul. You gained: 30-45 credits!

Gain 3 XP Strength
Waterfront PileofCrates.jpg You shake down some of the crooked dock supervisors. It's a good workout and nets you a fair chunk of cred. You gained: 40-60 credits!

Gain 4 XP Strength
Dockside Sewers SewerGraffiti.jpg It's hard to find anyone to shake down in the sewers, but you hassle a few squatters and make a bit of cred in the process. You gained: 22?-29? credits!

Gain 4 XP Strength
The Quad Fountain.jpg Between the students, the local bums selling stuff, and a few legitimate businesses you manage to come back with an excellent haul. You gained: 50-75 credits!

Gain 5 XP Strength

Also, 25% of the time:

You learned a new Technique: Throttle

If you have juryrigged antenna and a relay effect active, and less than 50 turns of Eye on the Signal, you also get:

Your gang keeping the streets clear makes it easier for you to focus on the signals you're searching for.

You've gained 20 duration of Eye on the Signal.

Under some circumstances (see page 16 of Avatars discussion), with Expensive Smoke and/or other Mafia/Families-related equipment/gear/techniques? May or may not need to be done on the waterfront?

You've unlocked the Mafia Shakedown Avatar

Mafia-ShakedownM.jpg or Mafia-ShakedownF.jpg

Halloween results

Additionally, with a university funding bucket equipped and Midgard candy popper in inventory (can be done during non-Halloween times, but the buckets/popper are only available from halloween):

You negotiate with the locals to sell <X> of your Midgard candy poppers at full price.

You gained: 25 x <X> credits!

(X is 2-4 in Sewers, 5-10? on Quad, unknown in other locations)

During Halloween 2012, with a halloween museum petition or halloween counterpetition equipped:

While you're busy making students empty their pockets, you also get a couple to sign your petition.


You go back over the same group of students again, which makes it harder to get your petition signed. At least they all seem to have scared up more money.

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