Shard Of Language


Image thetabletshard.jpg
Description You've gathered together strange clues to understand the writings of a stone tablet, covered in languages that claim to be fictional. Perhaps you're deluding yourself, but perhaps there's some truth to them after all.


Defeating a Runic Orb


Having this skill alters the results from choices in the Called Back to the Tablet choice encounter in the Hall of Sculptures.

Picking one of the script choices will transform your black tablet shard into one of the following forms:

Picking a script choice with a transformed shard will reset it to a black tablet shard.

Each transformed shard slightly increases Chance of Etheric Encounters and gives +4 Power to Techniques using Strength, Power to Techniques using Reflexes, Power to Techniques using Perception, or Power to Techniques using Will (randomized per player?).

Choosing "Contemplate the runes" will give 20 duration of Runic Contemplation (Use your highest attribute to calculate Hit Points).

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