Shark Bite


Image sharkbite.jpg
Description A primal attack most powerful against subtlety
Chain 1
Type Melee
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 6
Special +6 Base Damage when your opponent is using a Stealth or Etheric Techniques

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 6 Eating Technique
You charge in and brutally bite the <opponent>, dealing <X> damage.
With an air filter 3
You snap at <opponent> like a muzzled beast, ramming your headgear into <it> for <X> damage.
Vs. Stealth (no air filter) 12 Eating Technique
You follow the <opponent> into the shadows like a hunter stalking its prey and tear into him for <X> damage.
Vs. Etheric (no air filter) 12 Eating Technique
As you rush towards <opponent>, the predatory urge seems to take over, resulting in a brutal mauling dealing <X> damage.
While underwater 10 Eating Technique
You cut through the water like the hunter, tearing brutally into the <opponent> for <Z> damage.
While underwater with an air filter 7
You cut through the water like the hunter, slamming your headgear into <opponent> for <X> damage.


Destroy a Petrol Heart with a Pearled Shark Tooth
Makes 3 samples of petrol sludge, gives Shark Bite technique
Sludge Heart Pearled Shark Tooth
= Petrol Sludge and Shark Bite
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