Shining Ingot


Image Ingot-s.jpg
Description This bar of metal reflects so much light it almost seems to glow. It feels almost soft to the touch. If it were any more malleable, you could shape it with your bare hands.
Type Misc


Infuse a Silver Ingot with an Ectoplasmic Sample.
Requires the Mercy Killer skill
Silver Ingot Ectoplasmic Sample
= Shining Ingot

No longer: Halloween 2011: Drops from Living Portal


Add a Shining Ingot core to an Argent Heart.
Argent Heart Shining Ingot
= Hidden Heart
Charge an Artificial Hound Crystal with a Capacitor Array, then reflect it between a Shining Ingot and a Black Silver Ingot backed with some Powdered Glass. Then encase the works in Polysteel. (5 Energy)
Learn recipe from History of Optics
toolbelt.jpg Artificial Hound Crystal, Capacitor Array, Shining Ingot, Black Silver Ingot, Powdered Glass, Polysteel
= Homemade Laser
Spread a Shining Ingot over a Riot Baton.
Riot Baton Shining Ingot
= Reflective Baton
Fit a Shining Ingot to a Sword Hilt.
Sword Hilt Shining Ingot
= Shining Blade
Coat Tough Cloth with a Shining Ingot
tough cloth shining ingot
= shining cloth
Melt a Shining Ingot on to your Gang Jacket.
Gang Jacket Shining Ingot
= Shining Gang Jacket
Coat some Brass Knuckles with a Shining Ingot.
Brass Knuckles Shining Ingot
= Shining Knuckles
Overlay a Paper Mask with a Shining Ingot.
Paper Mask Shining Ingot
= Shining Mask
Weave some Shining Ingot strips into a Light Armored Vest.
Light Armored Vest Shining Ingot
= Shining Vest
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Goods


The Mercy Killer skill is not required to craft the armory items, just to make the ingot itself.

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