Shining Mirror Shard


Image themirrorshard.jpg
Description This bit of mirror is a pretty interesting optical illusion, somehow reflecting another, much larger, shard of mirror behind you. In effect, it reflects a massive fun hall tunnel of mirrors on into infinity.

It also ends up shining brighter than the ambient light of the area. Neither of these make a lot of sense to you, but you somehow doubt a physicist specializing in optics would have a better explanation.
Type misc


Fusing two empty shards


Fit your Restored Pistol with a Shining Mirror Shard
Restored Pistol Shining Mirror Shard
= Mirror-Handled Pistol
Add a Shining Mirror Shard to the inside of a Gang Jacket
Gang Jacket Shining Mirror Shard
= Mirror Gang Jacket
Make your Riot Baton into a primitive weapon with a Shining Mirror Shard
Riot Baton Shining Mirror Shard
= Postapocalyptic Spear
Fit a Shining Mirror Shard to your Unlined Vest
Unlined Vest Shining Mirror Shard
= Mirror Heart Vest
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