Shocking Organ


Image TrashGolemHeart.jpg
Description In most cases, the purpose of a random semi-organic lump would be difficult to identify, even if it ended up having one. This particular semi-organic lump, however, makes it easy by shocking you every time you touch it.
Type Miscellaneous


Energized Serpent


Dissolve a Shocking Organ in Aqua Regia (Gives 6 chips)
Shocking Organ Aqua Regia
= Glimmering Crystal Chip
Etch a Shocking Organ with Fuming Acid
Shocking Organ Fuming Acid
= Glimmering Crystal Half
Charge some Ease with a Shocking Organ
Shocking Organ Ease
= Shocking Syringe
Charge a Shaman Staff with a Shocking Organ
Shocking Organ Shaman Staff
= Sparking Staff
Analyze a Shocking Organ with the Protein Analyzer
Warning! Attempting to analyze without Capacitor Array will waste the organ.
Shocking Organ Capacitor Array
= Shivering Capacitors
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Curiosities
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