Shored-Up Tunnel



Encounter Conditions

Wearing the scuffed mining helmet
While underground?
After going in the Mine Entrance

Initial Text

The tunnels twist and turn, flickering in the light of your headlamp. For the moment at least, they seem to be at peace.

It looks like someone was moving around here recently, though, mining or at least tunneling through the rock. Small piles of stone are scattered here and there.

Summary of Choices

  1. Help dig - something happens
  2. Move rocks - something happens
  3. Go exploring - something happens
  4. Ignore this madness - something happens

Choice Text and Results

Help dig

Digging into the walls with your hands is less useful than you might think. And, frankly, using explosives down here is probably a terrible idea. Terrible idea.

Or, with a mining pick equipped (possibly other conditional, mining shirt is not required)


You turn to the wall and begin digging, adding new winding tunnels to the network.

You dig and dig and dig and dig, until your pick is worn away to nothing, but add a surprisingly large new section of halls… more than you remember, actually.

(hidden: lose your equipped mining pick, unlock new mine sections?)

Or, after mining, with or without a pick

Hmmmm, you've already added so much to the tunnels they're starting to look a little… unstable. It doesn't seem like now's the time to help out more.

Move rocks

This tunnel is pretty messy. You spend a while reorganizing, getting the rocks all over to one side. It's satisfying and a pretty good workout.

You've earned 4 XP in Strength

Go exploring

You make your way through the tunnels, exploring their endless twists and turns. At the end, even keeping an eye on the digging marks in the walls and checking the supports, you end up about five meters from where you started. Huh.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Ignore this madness


Yeah, there's crazy and then there's "imagining there's a mine under Metroplex" crazy. It's probably best to just pretend you didn't see anything.

Appears to kick you out of the mine.

See Walk Away

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