Short Burst


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Description A ranged attack, best at the end of a Chain
Chain 6
Type Ranged
Attribute Perception
Base Damage 2
Special +3 Base Damage as a Closer (last Technique in a Chain with at least one Technique before it)

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 2 Burst Technique
You fire a short burst into the <opponent>, dealing <x> ranged damage.
With an automatic weapon, as non-closer 4 Burst Technique
You unload a chattering burst of automatic fire into <opponent>, dealing <X> damage.
As closer, abovewater 5 Burst Technique
You pump your remaining rounds into the <opponent>, dealing <x> ranged damage.
While underwater 2 Underwater takes priority. Burst Technique(?)
You fire a few quick shots, pleasantly surprised your gun works underwater, dealing <X> damage to <opponent>.


Received when creating a new character or starting a new beta reset.
Using practice range ticket
Using Eddie's training ticket
Using autoturret memory
Resting at a gang hideout with a Firing Range installed.
Encounter: VIP Room: Training With Hawk
No longer: Oldos Hacking: Public Files on a Blog website.

Used By (Opponents)

Ceiling Turret
Dock Security
Dockside Ganger
Drone Hound
Family Woman
Gang Boss
Gang Enforcer
Internal Security (Needler)
Memorial Statue
Midgard Security
Midgard Security Expert
Midgard SD1
Officer Stone
Slags Guard
Third Eye Ganger
Third Eye Hunter
Wall Turret


Was changed and added to new characters January 31st, 2009. Previously was not a Closer and did 4 Base Damage.

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