Short Distance

Certain items, techniques, effects or skills gain greater bonuses when you are at a short distance from your opponent. See Distance for how your distance is calculated.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items


Items Bonus as Short Distance
grappler gauntlets +Melee Power (see page for details)


Techniques that gain a bonus at short distance include:
Technique Chain Bonus vs. Chain
Shotgun Burst 5 0-1
Crystal Spines (NPC-only) 4 0-2
Dust Conflagration 4 0-2
Leg Block 3 0-3
Downward Stab 2 0-4
Gnawing Mask 2 0-4
Grappler Jab 2 0-4
Spider Grip 2 0-4
Organ Grab (NPC-only) 1 0-5
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