Short Sweet Mysterious Puzzle Guide

Each particular form (box, rod, pyramid or tablet) has several possible effects (see below), but the effects are activated by a different move (swivel a corner, look for a catch, etc.) of a particular form per Puzzle incarnation (resetting resets the Puzzle, Puzzles vary per person as well). Currently investigating the randomness of the effect-move distribution.

Moves are the options you get when using the Puzzle: Rotate the top, twist the bottom, look for a crease, etc.
Effects are the underlying (randomized per box) mechanics and the results of moves.
Buff The 10 energy +20% stat effects that Puzzle can give you.

General Possible Effects:
Each form of the puzzle has 7 different moves you can do. They are randomized from the following, although it is not completely random (see Note).

  • 3x Turning the current puzzle's form into any one of the other three. See Note.
  • 1x Unlock: Unlocks the buff effect for another form for 5 (additional) uses of the buff. (The text will indicate that you've shifted/changed something inside the puzzle): making the buff operational in another form.
  • 1x Special: There is one special action per puzzle form. See the forms below for particulars.
  • 1x Failure: (does nothing).
  • 1x Receiving a 10 energy, +20% to a stat effect: Music of the Cube, Puzzle's Gaze, Black Metal Strength, Runic Puzzle. Only Runic Puzzle seems to require no unlocking (under investigation). Always activated by the same move for every Puzzle. Not randomized.

Note: The results of moves are not picked entirely at random; there is a mysterious pattern to them. The following patterns have been observed:

  • The move that does nothing line up in all forms. For instance, if the first move of the box fails to do anything, "You twist and turn it, but all it seems to do is turn back into a cube," all the first moves of the other forms are also failure effects.
  • Form-changing moves pair up with each other. Example: If the third move changes the box into the tablet, the third move of the tablet will turn the tablet back into the box. Same for all the other forms.
  • From the box form, the location of the three moves that change it to other forms are picked randomly. However, which form it turns into is not random for the three moves: it is always rod, then tablet, then pyramid, working from top to bottom. (unknown if the other forms follow a similar pattern.)
    • NOTE: Data collected on the mysterious puzzle discussion page contradicts this theory, although rod-tablet-pyramid is by far the most likely configuration.

Details: Mysterious Puzzle

The effect Puzzle Sight from eyedrop dust and it's effect on the puzzle, see Intuitive Puzzle, can help a lot with figuring out the Puzzle.

Possible effects per form

A specific move's (swivel a corner, look for a catch, etc.) result differs per person per reset, except for the buff giving moves, these always have the same result, the buff. Below are the possible effects of the moves of a form in random order. Failure moves are always the same move in every form (the top, second, third, or etc. move). Find one and you know which moves do nothing in every form. Form-changing moves pair up with each other. See note above.


  • Turn Box into a Mysterious Puzzle Rod.
  • Turn Box into a Mysterious Puzzle Pyramid.
  • Turn Box into a Mysterious Puzzle Tablet.
  • Special: Powder Pouring (requires the special in Tablet form to be set to Powder pouring (setting 2).
  • Unlock: Make the Pyramid's red gem eye glow to be able to stare into the eye of for the Pyramid's buff.
  • Failure (does nothing - "You twist and turn it, but all it seems to do is turn back into a cube.")
  • Stop and Listen to the cube's music for 10 energy of the Music of the Cube (requires unlocking in Rod Form).


  • Turn Tablet into a Mysterious Puzzle Rod.
  • Turn Tablet into a Mysterious Puzzle Pyramid.
  • Turn Tablet into a Mysterious Puzzle Box.
  • Unlock the segments in the Rod form for the Rod's buff.
  • Special: Switch between activating either the special in box form or pyramid form. 2 settings: Starts off in setting 1: Red flakes (pyramid special) active, powder pouring (box special) inactive. Setting 2: Box Special active, pyramid special inactive. Can switch back and forth.
  • Failure (does nothing - "As hard as you try, you can't find anyway to turn it into anything but a tablet.")
  • Read the tablet for 10 energy of Runic Puzzle (no unlocking required…?).


  • Turn Pyramid into a Mysterious Puzzle Box.
  • Turn Pyramid into a Mysterious Puzzle Rod.
  • Turn Pyramid into a Mysterious Puzzle Tablet.
  • Special: Receive red flakes from the Pyramid once/day. Starts off active, becomes inactive when the special in tablet form is set to powder pouring (the special of the box form). Can be activated again.
  • Unlock?: Moves the Runes into a different configuration. (Perhaps Reading the runes of the tablet is altered by this move? Unknown.)
  • Failure (does nothing - "Try as you might, it doesn't seem to turn into anything other than a pyramid.")
  • Stare into the Eye for 10 energy of Puzzle's Gaze (requires unlocking in the Box form by making the Eye glow).



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