Shorted TV


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Description This TV is shorted out. It won't tune in to any channel and just displays static.

At the same time… it may be best not to stare at the static for too long.
Type Furniture
Requires 8 Base Will
Use You install the television and turn it on. It bathes the room in a subtle hiss of static.

No matter how much you flip through the channels, all you get is different hums and crackles of static.


Overload a Antique Plasma TV with Shivering Capacitors
antique plasma TV shivering capacitors
= shorted TV


Allows you to watch TV when installed - it receives the set of Static TV Programs. You can either use the TV from your dwelling or just rest in the area. If you rest and have a TV installed, you will automatically use it.

If you have both this TV and another TV installed (eg. antique plasma TV), the other TV will take priority. You can still use the TV from your dwelling directly to get the static programs.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
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