Shotgun Blast


Image shotgunblast.jpg
Description A ranged attack that is especially effective against melee techniques
Chain 5
Type Ranged
Attribute Perception
Base Damage 3
Special +5 Base Damage if your opponent is using a Melee Technique

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 3
You fire a shotgun blast into <opponent>. Although the pellets spread over the distance they still deal <X> ranged damage.
With close combat shotgun-type shotgun weapon equipped 5
You pump polysteel shot into <opponent> for <X> ranged damage.
With roomsweeper-type shotgun weapon equipped 6
You fill the air with polysteel shot. The cloud of pellets catches him for <X> damage.
Vs. Melee 8
You catch <opponent> with a point-blank shotgun blast for <X> damage.
Vs. Melee, with Improbable Gun equipped 9
You let <opponent> move close, then fire a single blast of smoking polysteel at point blank range, dealing <X> damage.
Vs. Melee with Shotgun Saint 10
You exult in your point-black shotgun blast, catching <opponent> for <X> ranged damage.
Vs. Melee with close combat shotgun-type shotgun weapon equipped 10
You pump polysteel shot into <opponent> point-blank for <X> ranged damage..
Vs. Melee with roomsweeper-type shotgun weapon equipped 12
You pump <opponent> with one point-blank blast after another for <X> damage.
While underwater 2 No bonus vs. Melee.
You fire a blast of shotgun pellets. They're not very effective underwater, dealing <X> damage.


Using shotgun rounds


Winning a fight in which you used Shotgun Blast at least once against Melee (?) if you have a Midgard MG2 equipped:

You learned a new Technique: Shotgun Burst

Used By (Opponents)

Demonic Bouncer
Officer Stone
Slags Guard
Third Eye Hunter

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