Shriveled Hand


Image GhostlyHand25.jpg
Description Any hand detached from a body is a bit disquieting, but this one feels… dangerous. The wound where it was once attached to an arm is sewn shut with ancient twine.

Worse is how it looks out of the corner of your eye, mists rising from it like it was freshly lopped off and abandoned in the snow.
Type Offhand
Requires 6 Base Will
Effects +4 Etheric Power


Ghostly hand


Slather a shriveled hand with some tendril ointment
Shriveled Hand Tendril Ointment
= Bloody Hand
Soak a shriveled hand in hound Eclipse
Shriveled Hand Hound Eclipse
= Crystal Hand
Steep a shriveled hand in an ectoplasmic sample
Shriveled Hand Ectoplasmic Sample
= Hand Of Glory
Paint a Shriveled Hand with crushed Mislit Mushroom
Shriveled Hand Mislit Mushroom
= Mislit Hand
Revive a Shriveled Hand with Personal Serum
Shriveled Hand Personal Serum
= Living Hand
toolbox.jpg Ectoplasmic Sample
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Curiosities
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