Shrouded Hand


Image bosshandright.jpg
Combat Name The shrouded hand
HP 20
Stats Perception: 0
Reflexes: 2
Strength: 2
Will: 2
Power Melee:
Etheric: 4
Unopposed: 0
Defense Melee: 3
Ranged: 3
Fire: 3
Etheric: 0
Stealth: 3
Reactive: 0
Traits Flying, No Organs
Awards 3 XP


Ghost Ship, once the Masked Shaman has been defeated

Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Frost Touch 1 8 ? Etheric (normal)
'' 14 ? Etheric (under Spectral Curse)
Mist Shroud 2 Tight Hold (first time)
'' Gives 10 turns of Spectral Curse (further times)
'' Does Nothing (versus Etheric or Silver Bullets)
Fade Into Mists 3 All - Evasion (All) (normal)
'' Nothing (versus Silver Bullets)
Ghostly Spark 3 8 ? Etheric (normal)
'' 14 ? Etheric (under Spectral Curse)
Each time Frost Touch or Ghostly Spark is used against you,
you lose 1 turn of Spectral Curse


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the shrouded hand's flesh, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg N/A
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