Signal Buffer


Image Capacitor.jpg
Description This odd bit of hardware holds data for a fraction of a second on its way into a computer system. Which wouldn't be very handy, except that it uses the pause to verify data and, hopefully, filter out attacks.
Type Misc


Pair a Signal Analysis Circuit with a Capacitor Array.
Quest Recipe: Requires recipe from Shared Files.
Signal Analysis Circuit Capacitor Array
= Signal Buffer


Build up an OmniTech Learntop with a Gold Processor and a Signal Buffer
Processor Chip Gold Foil
Gold Processor Omnitech Learntop
Gold Learntop Signal Buffer
= Buffered Learntop
Create a defended PDA from a PDA Chassis, a Memory Stick, a Gold Processor, and a Signal Buffer
PDA Chassis Memory Stick†
Unbootable PDA Gold Processor†
Retro PDA Signal Buffer
= Buffered PDA
Rewire a Zaibatsu TZR to include a Signal Buffer
Zaibatsu TZR Signal Buffer
= Buffered TZR
Arrange two Biomonitor Circuits, two Signal Buffers, and five Artificial Neural Fibers
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Neural Mesh Plans
toolbelt.jpg 2 Biomonitor Circuits, 2 Signal Buffers, and 5 Artificial Neural Fibers
= Neural Mesh
Build hardware from a Expanded Handheld, a Comm Dish Core, a magnetic coil, and eight signal buffers around a Collapsed Integrator
Learn recipe from using a Comm Dish Core with a collapsed integrator in inventory
toolbelt.jpg Expanded Handheld, Comm Dish Core, Magnetic Coil, 8 Signal Buffers, Collapsed Integrator
= Handheld Core
toolbox.jpg capacitor array, signal analysis circuit
GoldCoins.jpg .14 Goods

†These elements can be added in either order

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