Signal Filter


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Type Defensive System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1 Offense, sometimes You carefully cut a slit in the filter, granting yourself a clear, if small, path into the rest of the system. 1 2 XP, Removes Routine
1 Offense, sometimes The filter bends as you batter it, but doesn't fail. 3
3 Offense The filter is obviously designed to be resilient to attack, but it equally obviously wasn't designed to deal with an attack like you just dealt it. ? +1 EITS, 2 XP, Removes Routine
Command The filter doesn't respond to your commands. As far as you can tell, it can't even be shut down, barring some sort of system failure. 3-5, more at high C?
1 View This software filter is intended to allow through authorized programs without letting anything else pass. In theory, that's pretty simple… in practice, it's basically impossible.

Any batch you try to get past it will be examined and, potentially, shut down. That said, there's enough data flowing through here, you might be able to figure out it's heuristics by watching closely enough.
some combo of View and CF?
didn't work: 2V 4CF; 2V 12CF
did work: 4V 4CF; 2V 12CF; 3V 12CF; 1V
You wait and watch the flow of data for a moment, then spoof a connection based on the ones it's letting through… perfect. 0 Removes Routine, 2 XP
The filter doesn't respond to your batch. ?

Active Responses

Post batch:

You slip past the filter.

Or, if you used Offense or Command function(s), it blocks them (sometimes?):

The filter blocked (list of functions).

(+1 Unsubtle per function blocked)

Or sometimes, it blocks some of them:

The filter blocked (list of functions), but you slipped through (functions).

(+1 Unsubtle per function blocked)

Seems to choose the functions randomly from all offense and command functions. Nabs them before Fractal has a chance to change type.


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