Signal Finder


Image Spider-Web25.jpg
Description This utility has a simple enough interface hiding layers of complexity. It's definitely not designed for customization, though, with only the option of a simple "Run."

It performs some sort of broad search over the Net, but whatever heuristics it might use are completely obscured within the code.
Type Data (Search)
Use The search doesn't come back with any results. It seems those systems have been shut down.
Warning No-longer-available item consumed on use!


No longer: 05Cleaner
No longer: Purchase in The Golden Chip for 100 golden tickets


Used to require 1 energy to use.

Adds an option to the Searches section of your target list: "Locks on to the strongest signal."

When used (not consumed), gives you a link to a site in the gang network of the gang that was at the top of the Subversion Testing "Network" leaderboard at rollover (?), with this message:

You run the finder, watching as it goes through several stages, flipping back and forth between "finding signal" and "identifying signal." Eventually it switches to "extracting signal" and provides you a link.

You follow a link to <site>.

If the gang with the strongest signal gets disbanded this is followed by

The link leads to an abandoned, dead site. Hmmmm.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any sort of crafting.
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.


During the Virus Event 2011, this item was sellable, with the message:

You follow the breadcrumbs, finding the Golden Chip's current location. Avatars drift effortlessly through a field of circuitry and floating lights.

A shimmering, metallic figure makes an exaggerated gesture of rage, thrusting its arms towards you as though screaming.
Simultaneously, you receive a long message filled with incoherent strings of curses that eventually dissolve into random letters and numbers.

You found: 6 Golden Ticket

(05Cleaner understandably stops responding to you.)

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