Silk Top Hat


Image tophat.jpg
Description This is one slick looking top hat if you're into that kind of thing. Only thing that might mar that is that someone's sewn the symbol from those Eclipse pills all over the lining.
Type Hat
Requires 6 Base Will
Use You play with the top hat for a bit to see if it does anything interesting when a freak gust of wind tears it from your hands and sends it fluttering toward Metroplex U.
Multi You drop an entire stack of top hats and they're blown away by a freak gust of wind towards Metroplex U.
Effects +2 Eclipse Duration
+4 Will


Drops from evil snowman
Christmas 2008: Using a macabre gift
Christmas 2009, Christmas 2010, Christmas 2011: The Quad encounter: Snowman Cleanup
Christmas 2009 and Christmas 2010: The Quad encounter: Abominable Snowman Competition
Christmas 2010: The Quad encounter: Christmas 2010 People Mostly Students Cleaning Things Up Aft
It's been noted by Kinak that there was a super secret method of gaining a silk top hat on Christmas 2010
Christmas 2011 onward: The Quad: Help for Hipsters 2011/2012 + 2013/2014


If used during a Christmas event, may unlock fights with special Etheric-only opponents on The Quad.

During the annual Abominable Snowman Contest during the lead-up to Christmas, using this unlocks the following etheric combat encounter one time. (Further hats can be used to unlock it again):

As you're wandering through the Quad, you find their annual Abominable Snowman contest. Looks like one of them is moving around and he has your hat.

(Fight: Evil Snowman)

On Christmas day (and a few days after?) of 2010 using this unlocks the following etheric combat encounter:

<intro text lost>

(Fight: Abominable Remains)

On Christmas day (and a few days after?) of 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014, using this unlocks the following etheric combat encounter:

The handful of students remaining on campus have gathered the remnants of the Fourth Annual Abominable Snowman Contest into one giant pile of snow, adorned with two gnarled arms and a massive maw. It's nice to see students actually doing their civic duty for once… that said, the results are pretty terrifying.

Deep in the thing's mouth, poking out like a tongue, you see a silk top hat. Ah! That's where that went.

As you consider the best route to approach it, the corners of the thing's mouth bend up into a smile.

(Fight: Snowmonstrosity)

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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