Silver Courier Filtering


Image shippingdrone25.jpg
Description The Silver family, among other things, owns a whole network of high-flying delivery drones. You set up a search filter based on an, admittedly incomplete, list of the drones' addresses and frequencies.

If all goes well, it'll be a simple matter to connect to some of those drones.
Hidden Flags Filtering Effect


Temporarily select for Silver Courier drones with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
Quest recipe: learn recipe from Drone Registry.
computerchip.jpg Filtering Script
= You've gained 20 duration of Silver Courier Filtering.


When active, it filters out only Silver Courier Drones from the Shipping Drone Net, on the high-altitude site.

Activating another Filtering Effect with this effect active converts all duration of the effect to duration of the new filter.

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