Silver Ingot


Image Ingot-s.jpg
Description Silver isn't worth nearly what it once was, but you could probably sell it if you needed to. It's pretty soft for any practical use.
Type Usable
Use It takes a while, but you manage to find a buyer for your silver. Seems like nobody has much use for it anymore.
Multi You manage to unload your silver ingots. Nobody seems to use them for much anymore, but at least there's a little market.
Effects Gain 10-20 credits


Using an ancient treasure chest
Using the monarch's call skill while Outside the Slags
Drops from Living Portal (Halloween 2010 and later)

toolbox.jpg tarnished coins, old spectacles, ornate letter opener, scarred silver mask, silver knuckles, silverware remnants
Extract it from two Mirror Tiles
Mirror Tile Mirror Tile
= Silver Ingot
Reveal the contents of a Worm Gastrolith with Fuming Acid
Worm Gastrolith Fuming Acid
= Flotsam
(gain one of the following at random):
artificial bone
ballistic plastic
downtown security ID
hardened plastic
silver ingot
steel ingot


Coat a Silver Ingot with a Kraken's Heart
Kraken's Heart Silver Ingot
= Argent Heart
Bathe a Silver Ingot in nightmare fuel
Requires Undead Scourge skill
Nightmare Fuel Silver Ingot
= Black Silver Ingot
Fill an empty clip with a silver ingot
Empty Clip Silver Ingot
= Clip of Silver Bullets
Add a Silver Ingot core to a Riot Baton
Riot Baton Silver Ingot
= Silver Baton
Fashion a silver ingot to fit with a sword hilt
Sword Hilt Silver Ingot
= Silver Blade
Adorn some brass knuckles with a silver ingot
Brass Knuckles Silver Ingot
= Silver Knuckles
Use a Paper Mask as a mold for a Silver Ingot
Paper Mask Silver Ingot
= Silver Mask
Fill a switchblade handle with a silver ingot
Switchblade Handle Silver Ingot
= Silver Switchblade
Melt a Silver Ingot over a Midgard Riot Shield
Silver Ingot Midgard Riot Shield
= Silvered Shield
Infuse a Silver Ingot with an Ectoplasmic Sample
Requires Mercy Killer skill
Ectoplasmic Sample Silver Ingot
= Shining Ingot
Spruce up the Cracked Pistol with some silver detail work
Cracked Pistol Silver Ingot
= Show Vigilante Pistol
Fill a Cybereye Blank with a Silver Ingot
Cybereye Blank Silver Ingot
= Silver Cybereye
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Curiosities
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