Silver Items

The following items are count as silver:





Having a silver item equipped can affect the following. Note some only get bonuses from Weapons and not the silver shield/cybereye:

Effect Sources
Allows you to kill Spectral Sailors permanently (required to make progress on most paths through the Ship of the Damned quest) Silver Weapons or Silver Bullets
Grants +4 Etheric Defense with the Mercy Killer skill (and an additional +2 with anniversary pocket mirror) Silver Weapon, Silver Shield or Silver Cybereye (multiple do not stack)
Grants +4 Melee Power with the Undead Scourge skill Silver Weapons
Grants +1 XP each combat with Silver Flow active Silver Weapons?
Enhances Parry Silver Weapon, Silver Shield or Silver Cybereye
Enhances Shield Block Silvered Shield only (not Bloodied Tray)

See also: Silver Bullets

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