Silver Tower Lobby



Encounter Conditions

When first trying to enter Silver Tower during Halloween 2017.

Initial Text

You make your way inside one of Silver Tower's lobbies. A young woman in a sharp tuxedo cocks her head to the side. "Here for an event? Visiting a friend?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Mention Halloween - Enter Banquet Room
  2. Leave her be - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Mention Halloween

"No need for masks yet, just head up to Room 1 on the 3rd Floor." She gives a quiet smile that you might be imagining and points you towards the elevators.

The mentioned elevator takes you to the third floor quickly and, from there, it's easy to see the ballroom. It's definitely not Halloween yet, as the decorations and supplies are in all stage of construction. But there are already some people here.

Leave her be

She shrugs and lets you leave without further inspection.

(Walk Away)

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