Skeletal Cyberleg


Image skeletol%20cyber%20leg%2025.png
Description Although made to resemble a fleshless human leg, this cyberleg is completely functional.

Well, almost completely. It is weaker than a traditional limb because of the lack of proper muscle fibers, but these are the sacrifices we pay for the image we desire.
Type Cyber (Cyberlegs)
Requires 4 Body
Effects +2 Etheric Defense
-2 Strength


Halloween Fundraisers, 2020

Wire a Cybernetic Interface through two Artificial Bones (2 Energy)
Learn the recipe from using horrific cyberplans.
2 Artificial Bone  Cybernetic Interface 
= Skeletal Cyberleg 


Fit a Biomonitoring Circuit and two Formatted Memory Cores into a Skeletal Cyberleg (2 Energy)
Learn recipe from Cybernetic Graffiti encounter or horrific cyberplans during Halloween 2020
toolbelt.jpg Skeletal Cyberleg, Biomonitor Circuit and two Formatted Memory Cores
= Recording Bone Leg
toolbox.jpg Salvageable but unknown result
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods
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