Skeletal Mount


Image summonskeletalmount.jpg
Description Summon a mount beneath yourself
Chain 5
Type Etheric
Attribute Reflexes
Base Defense 1
Special Base Defense 6 with a successful summoning

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 1 (S)
You rear back as though riding an imaginary horse.
<Opponent attacks>, but your unexpected jerking around helps you avoid all but X / of the damage.
While Etheric 6 (M, S) Consumes 1 energy of Etheric
You momentarily rise into the air.
<Opponent attacks>, but you ride away from his blow as though carried by an invisible steed and avoid all but X / of the damage.
Holding the horse skull while etheric 12 (M, E, S) Consumes 1 energy of Etheric
The skeleton of a horse flickers into existence under you, pushing your body into the air momentarily.
<Opponent attacks>, but Your skeletal mount maneuvers you away from all but X / of the damage.


Forsaken Moor, with the rider's sword and horse skull equipped


With a polysteel mask equipped, allows you to get a chained museum mask from the Floating Masks encounter

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