Sketching Student



Encounter Conditions

Must not have attacked her previously today.

Initial Text

A student moves intently through the hall, occasionally stopping to swipe a few lines into her sketchbook. She doesn't seem to want to be here, but it's hard to say if she wants to be anywhere else.

Summary of Choices

  1. Make small talk
  2. Ask about paintings
  3. Ask about statues Only after asking about the paintings
  4. Ask about Eclipse
  5. Show unnecessary violence
  6. Leave her be

Choice Text and Results

Make small talk

You try to strike up a conversation, but she seems far more interested in avoiding one. After three or four failed attempts, she just wanders off.

Ask about paintings

She looks up over her book. "Yes, I'm sketching the paintings to pass time until we get the statues back."

"I heard we're supposed to get them back for Halloween, so I'll be here until then. I've even got a costume." Her voice is so deadpan it makes you wonder if she's having a joke at your expense, but you're not sure quite what it would be… which just makes the feeling worse.

Ask about statues

"I heard they're getting back the insect collection. It's not a statue, really. You could argue it's not art if you cared. But they are quite pretty if you look."

She sighs. "But people never look. They never see what's right in front of them."


"Yes, I'm very excited for them to get the tree of hands back. That's not it's actual name, but that's it. I even wrote a story about it for Jess."

She leans forward as though sharing a deep secret. "I'm Suzy."

Just as quickly she backs up and looks to her notebook. "But don't call me that. Sofia is fine. Sothrane Nighthawk if we're online. I just had poor pronunciation when I was little."


"Ah, yes, they're supposed to get the masks back. It was a huge collection left by a graduate. They say he followed a light up into the sky one day, changed his major, and made all these masks."

"That's silly of course. He changed his major because he woke up one morning and realized he'd waste his life as a drone engineer. Ended up getting a degree in Art and another in Anthropology."

She laughs thinly. "Still ended up working for Midgard, though. Good ol' Metroplex."


She nods. "There used to be this valkyrie statue up there. An alumnus… that's the singular, right? Alumnus?"

She waits patiently for you to nod.

"The alumnus bought it for the school. The school sold it off when the museum was shut down a while back. I hope nobody too crazy bought it."

She frowns the tiniest bit, mostly visible between her eyes. "It just wouldn't be a proper art gallery without any real human figures."


"Ahhh, the tablet. It's my favorite, but I don't know how they're going to get it back. It got sold to some rich collector."

"The tablet? It looks old, but it isn't really. It's modeled after the Rosetta Stone, but all the languages on it are artificial. Whoever carved it put a lot of work into it, both the languages and the presentation." She shows you a page from the sketch book filled with random symbols that could be writing.

"I wish they'd let us take rubbings before it got shipped off to some warehouse somewhere to rot. My memory's pretty good, but I don't have a tenth of it."


"I know Midgard wants to donate a war memorial for it, which is… weird. I mean, it's an ad in war memorial form, which makes sense. And I don't even mind glorifying war, we're a warrior people."

"It just seems like they're supposed to be outside and involve a statue of a man riding a horse. Even if the war didn't involve any cavalry. There are just certain ways things are done."

Ask about Eclipse

"Eclipse? Never take it, that stuff's bad news."

She sketches something quickly in her book and turns it to show you, a few pencil lines suggesting jagged limbs and dull malevolence. "They say everyone sees what's in themselves. They also say everyone sees what's in everyone else. If this is what lives in everyone else, I'm not terribly interested in seeing it."

Show unnecessary violence

She's surprised by your attack, dropping her book to defend herself

(Fight Design Student)

Ignore him

She certainly seems content to be left alone, so you oblige her. Maybe she'll be in a better mood tomorrow, but you kind of doubt it.

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