Skills By Availability

Your choices matter in Metroplexity. Very often getting one reward from a quest closes off others. When those rewards are skills, this means that certain skills will be mutually exclusive with others for a given incarnation of a character.

Common Skills

The following skills are available to anybody who qualifies for them:

* According to Podcast 53, one of these skills is mutually exclusive with an unfound skill.

Donation-only Skills


Must be learned each run:

Mutually Exclusive Skill Groups

You may only have one out of each group of the following skills:

Southside Park Quest

Whispers in the Park Quest

Dock Song Quest

Problems on the Docks Quest

Punk Uprising Quest

Ship of the Damned Quest

The Lost Son Quest

The Missing Artist Quest


Burning Ectoplasm

David's Exploration Quest

Art Museum

Note that Art Appreciation is both prerequisite to and mutually exclusive with Stellar Appreciation.

Drone Schematics

Oldtown Challenge/Oldtown Installation

Help from the Family

Cellular Questions

The White Worm

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