Slab Of Rotting Meat



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

The charnel house is filled to the brim with hanging slabs of rotting meat. Out of the corner of your eye, though, you notice one in particular seems to be quivering slightly.

Summary of Choices

  1. Go inspect it - Fight giant maggot
  2. Ignore the slab - Gain 1 XP in Will
  3. Steal the chain - Fight giant maggot, gain hooked chain if successful

Choice Text and Results

Go inspect it

As you lean in to inspect the meat, you notice a bulge sliding beneath the surface. A massive larva, fully as big as your arm, explodes from the slab and lashes out at you.

(Fight giant maggot)

Ignore the slab

You remember what curiosity did to the cat and make your way elsewhere in the charnel house.

You've earned 1 XP in Will

Steal the chain

You grab onto the chain and try to pull the meat off. A massive grub lashes out of the meat and digs its surprisingly sharp teeth into you.

(Fight giant maggot)
(Gain hooked chain if successful)


When fighting and beating a giant maggot, through these encounters, there is a chance of getting an extra 1 XP in Will.

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