Slags Antidote


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Description A small vial, helpfully labeled "Slags antidote." Well, that's thoughtful.
Type Drug (Quest)
Requires 1 Body
Use You carefully drink the Slags antidote. Hopefully, it's not supposed to be injected or anything.

Didn't really come with instructions.
Multi You drink several vials of the Slags antidote. Hopefully you'll be especially cured.
Effects Gain 5 duration of Residual Antidote
Remove all etheric effects
Remove all unnatural effects


Midgard Warehouse encounter: Stacks of Crates or Trash Golem combat (after using warehouse inventory)
Hacking Guidance System High Altitude
Completing Boris's Hunt quest.

Boil down two clumps of Withered Tendrils with Liquified Eclipse to create an antidote to Slags poisoning.
Quest Recipe: Learn from Bloodied Scientist, Lab Workers, Secured Files, or Testing Lab
Liquified Eclipse Withered Tendrils Withered Tendrils
= Slags Antidote


Needed for the Slags antidote quest.
Adds option to Fourth Floor encounter: Bloodied Scientist.
Adds option to various Halloween encounters, 2014 onward.

Treat a Mutant Cell Culture with Slags Antidote
Mutant Cell Culture Slags Antidote
= Inert Cell Culture
Dilute some Slags Antidote into an IV Bag for a constant supply
IV Bag Slags Antidote
= Slags IV
Fill an Empty Injector with Slags Antidote
Empty Injector Slags Antidote
= Antidote Injector
Thicken Bloody Punch Mix with Slags Antidote
Bloody Punch Mix Slags Antidote
= Bloody Sludge
Add Lake Gulper organs to Slags Antidote
Lake Gulper Slags Antidote
= Gulper Solution
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Goods
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