Slags Antidote (Quest)





Give him the antidote.

Quest Log

Start quest, paragraph 1

The old survivor you met near the Slags wants you to find an antidote for his daughter. He says its manufactured at the lab outside the Slags then shipped to a warehouse at the Docks.

Paragraph 2, after using an warehouse inventory:

You've found the inventory sheet for the antidote in the Midgard Warehouse. Should be a quick search now.

Paragraph 2 (or 3), after getting a key to the Midgard warehouse:

You're fairly sure it's the warehouse on the docks second down from the Metros station. You even scored yourself a key.

Paragraph 2, after learning the recipe for the antidote

You've found the formula for the Slags Antidote. Liquified Eclipse and some sort of tentacles from the shore near the Slags.

Paragraph 2, after getting the antidote

You've got the antidote, just need to get it back to him now.

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