Slags Communication



In the Computer Lab, talk to the student at the Computer Lab Coffee Machine about the Slags to receive the quest. You must have Metros access to the Slags to ask him about this.


Defeat a Helidrone with an electrical kit or salvaging tools equipped to acquire a helidrone antenna. A damaged drone antenna is not sufficient.


Return to the Computer Lab and choose to "Talk About Antennas" to receive 255 credits.

Quest Text

Started quest:

A student in the Metroplex U computer lab mentioned that he would be interested in studying a Midgard helidrone antenna.

He also said something about needing an electrical kit.

If you've only gotten damaged drone antennas so far:

A student in the MetroplexU computer lab mentioned that he would be interested in studying a Midgard helidrone antenna. So far, you've only found broken ones.

After acquiring a helidrone antenna:

Well, you found one of those antennas that the student in the Computer Lab was looking for.

Finished quest:

You retrieved an antenna for a Metroplex University student to pick apart.

Post-quest activities

You can get some additional conversation options and other rewards out of him once you return the antenna:

  • Initially, asking him any questions just gives hints that he's going to be up all night working on it. If only he had some more caffeine…
  • Hack into the computer system and Command the coffee controls to get free coffee.
  • The following two sets of tasks can be completed in either order:
  • Or:
    • b) Acquire a second (non-damaged) helidrone antenna.
    • b) Offer to give it to him to receive a can of PowerCode.
    • b) You can now buy more PowerCode from him for 75 cred, or 4 for 250 cred.

If you have made the coffee free via hacking the Coffee Controls, you can then return to "Ask about the antenna" to learn the (quest) recipe for secured transmission functions.

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