Slags Eater


Image ErlenmeyerFlask25.jpg
Description You can absorb Slags radiation and related effects to heal yourself.
Effects Activate from your character sheet


Possible reward for the Lost Son quest. Using an antidote injector. (5 Body)


Upon use (without any relevant effects active):

You meditate on processing your internal toxins to a positive end. It doesn't seem to do much, but you feel a little better about your life.

Upon use (with x turns of Slags Poisoning or Ocean Sight or Fae Sight (and presumably etheric), and less than maximum hit points:

You meditate on the toxins in your body. It doesn't seem to do much for a moment, but then your wounds begin sealing over. The sensation is nauseating, but you feel far better when you're done.
Gain y hit points
Gain z energy of Healthy Glow

Where: y + z = 3x and the value of y is your max HP minus your current HP. Note that if your current max is reduced by Slags Poisoning, y will check against your normal max as the effect is removed by using this skill.

If you are at max hit points, you still get Healthy Glow but get this message instead:

You meditate on your body's toxins. It doesn't seem to do much, but you feel a healthy glow come over you.


Blood Toxin, Broken World, Burning Vision, Coughing Fit, Dream State, Mild Neurotoxin, and Weighted are not affected. Eating poisonous sushi will still give slags poisoning.

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