Slags Lab (pre-Novos hacking)


As of April 14th, 2013, this site is no longer available in this format. See Slags Lab (hacking) for the current (Novos) version. This page is kept for historical purposes only.


A computer system accessed through from the Lab Terminal in the Midgard Laboratory choice encounter. You must have a computer equipped to hack it.

Options and results are listed below. "Unplug" is always an option. Each action takes 1 energy and raises the alert by the amount listed below. If your alert gets to 100 you are kicked out of the system and fight 2 Slags Guards (see below).


Extra access to this site can be granted using voice recordings, so you don't have to hack through the defenders. If you are kicked out of the system, you will need another voice recording (or override the voice controls). See notes at the bottom of the page for specific messages.

Recording Access Notes
Slags Lab Recording Level 1
Slags Refugee Recording Level 2
Dr. Mira Recording Level 3 Gives Usurp Dr. Mira's access automatically
Dr. Johnson Recording Full control
"Try talking" Full control Only if you Record Voice Access


Action Access Alert* Notes
Elevate Privileges - variable
Browse Security Logs Full control 0 (generic "sore thumb")
Cancel Alert Full control - Allowed safely 1 time
Browse Public Files Level 1 2
Browse Secure Files Level 2 20
Look for S43 Level 2 20 After learning about Patient S43
Check up on S43 Level 2 ? After shooting Patient S43
Open Storage Level 3 30 After Browsing Public Files
Lock Storage Level 3 0 After Open Storage
Unseal priority care Level 3 30 After Usurp Dr. Mira's access or using a Dr. Mira recording
Print ID Level 4 50
Usurp Dr. Mira's access Full control 50
Record Voice Access Full control ?
Attach Encrypted PDA Full control ? With encrypted PDA
Browse Hidden Files Full control 30
Trash System Full control - With data scrubber installed

* Incognito reduces this - see Alert level for details.

Elevate Privileges

Engage in net combat:
Level Defender
Level 1 password-lock-pre-novos (1P,3M,3H,4A)
Level 2 password-lock-pre-novos (1P,3M,3H,4A)
Level 3 password-lock-pre-novos (2P,3M,3H,5A)
Level 4 Midgard Protector (3P,5M,16H,3A)
Full control Midgard Protector (3P,5M,17H,?A)

Browse Public Files

The only public file is a document of new security policies, apparently implemented after a failed inspection. They sound surprisingly strict, but they might be justified by the environment outside.

Apparently, outside research excursions have all been canceled and access to the supply lockers is supposed to be controlled and audited centrally. It also says that any changes will have to be routed through Heimdall in Security until Sigurd returns.

The tone of the message is hard to pinpoint through the corporate jargon and codenames, but it seems intended to make the reader feel like a scolded child.

Browse Secure Files

The entire secure file subsystem is crammed with medical records. They're labeled rather opaquely, but you grab a bundle.

They appear to contain genetic rundowns, so that's worth something even if they're not useful otherwise.

You found: Slags medical file

Look for S43

You quickly find medical records for an S43. It's the only name listed for the, apparently male, patient.

From what you can tell from the records he's comatose in "priority care." There's only one room labeled that on the map, near the center of the building in the basement.

Check up on S43

You quickly find his records again. They haven't been updated to indicate he's dead so they either haven't found out or haven't recorded it for some reason.

Open Storage

It seems they're talking about physical storage lockers rather than network storage. Either way, they should be open until somebody notices the change.

With a secure facility like this, they probably have daily checks.

(Makes the Lab Locker Room encounter appear in the Slags Lab.)

Lock Storage

You lock the storage room back up. It'll still look odd if anyone touches the log, but it's still probably best to cover your tracks.

(Makes the Lab Locker Room encounter stop appearing in the Slags Lab.)

Print ID

The system makes you fill out several screens worth of reports about why the badge was lost, but eventually prints out a valid new badge.

Receive a Slags medical ID

Unseal priority care

You use a script from Dr. Mira's account to open up the priority cell. In theory, you should just be able walk right in now.

(Replaces Subject S43 encounter with Priority Care Room)

Usurp Dr. Mira's access

You copy Dr. Mira's certificates and scripts over to one of the general directories. It's pretty well hidden, but you should be able to impersonate her with basic file access.

Record Voice Access

You can't find a way to record voice for a new account, but you easily record your voice over the current admin account. Until someone notices, the computer should let your right in with nothing more than a polite request.

(Allows you to "try talking" to regain full control of the site. Lasts until you reset)

Attach Encrypted PDA

You attach the PDA and the security system establishes a momentary uplink with Midgard's core servers. Several progress bars roll by while you wait.

A final screen displays the slightly strange message:

Emergency Encryption Removed
Documents Recovered
Encryptor: SPGrimhild
Decryptor: SPSigurd

Regardless of who or what those might be, you manage to safely pull the documents from the PDA to your comm, leaving the PDA clean and usable.

You found: Fangs' encrypted files

You found: Fang PDA

Browse Hidden Files

There’s only one hidden directory on the server, but it’s utterly massive. The directory itself is named “Project Huginn” and contains years of notes. It’s largely text, but frequently contains imbedded media to illustrate points.

Unfortunately, as you read forward in time, the notes become incoherent and covered with unfamiliar jargon. The earliest entries outline the project, however.

The outline suggests that several groups of scientists and physicians be trained separately. Each group would be… well, judging by the documentation, each group was… given radically different information about the effects of the Slags on people, animals, and matter.

The hypothesis is that the observer’s expectations have some noticeable effect on Slags phenomena. The author, labeled SPSigurd in the system, was apparently given control of the facility for over four years with the sole goal of testing that hypothesis.

The most recent document indicates that the testing didn’t bear out the hypothesis. However, the expectations of Slags Poisoning’s victims did seem to have some bearing.

The document ends explaining that a small-scale test will be conducted using existing assets to determine if training modifies the effects of Slags Poisoning. That entry was added almost a month ago.

The whole thing is a pretty intense read, but you think you've learned what you can from it.

You've earned 5 XP in Will

Trash System

You set about systematically destroying the system. Well, if nothing else, it'll take them a while to get Slags Lab back online.

(Stops encounter from appearing for the rest of the day.)

Getting Kicked Off

Heavy footfalls echo down the hall. Two guards in containment suits appear moments after you're disconnected, leveling their needlers at you.

A crackling voice pipes out through helmet of the one on the left. "Well, that's one security test we won't be failing." You can feel the smugness rolling off his voice, even as they both open fire on you.

(Fight two Slags Guards)


When logging it, you get one of the following messages, if used a voice recording:
Slags lab scientists:

You play back the recording. The terminal waits for a moment then displays "Welcome Doctor!"

You jack in to the terminal and discover it's granted you basic access. Well, if they did as well with the rest of the security, this should be a cakewalk.

Slags refugee scientists:

You play back the recording. The terminal waits for a moment then displays "Welcome Doctor! Records Access Granted."

You jack in to the terminal and discover that, as advertised, it's granted you access to a number of files.

Dr. Mira:

You play back the recording. The terminal waits for a moment then displays "Welcome Doctor Mira! Records and Facilities Access Granted."

You jack in to the terminal, finding that it certainly has granted you access to some interesting options.

Dr. Johnson

You play back the recording from your confrontation with Dr. Johnson. The terminal waits for a moment then displays "Welcome SPSigurd! Admin access conditionally granted. Please contact XHeimdall at your first opportunity."

You jack into the terminal and find the system arrayed at your feet. If "conditionally" meant anything, you're not seeing it.

Overwritten Voice Access:

You repeat your recorded comment to the terminal. It beeps cheerfully and displays "Welcome SPSigurd! Admin access conditionally granted. Please contact XHeimdall at your first opportunity."

You jack into the terminal and find the system arrayed at your feet. If "conditionally" meant anything, you're not seeing it.


The opponents used to be (changed mid 2010?):

Level Defender
Level 1 Password Lock (1P,3M,3H,4A)
Level 2 Password Lock (1P,3M,3H,4A)
Level 3 Midgard Protector (3P,5M,15H,3A)
Level 4 Password Lock (2P,3M,3H)
Midgard Protector (3P,5M,16H)
Full control Password Lock (2P,3M,3H)
Midgard Protector (3P,5M,17H)
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