Slags Poisoning


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Description Seems you've been exposed to some of the awful radiation in the Slags. Your entire body feels like it's crackling with energy, but that certainly doesn't carry over to your physical well-being.
Hidden Flags Etheric Effect
Effects +2 Etheric Power
-5 Strength


Using items:

Resting in a polluted area:



  • Taking damage from the Toxic Sludge technique (5 energy)ª

† effect can be avoided with Diving Ability≥3
†† effect or encounter can be avoided with an air filter equipped
ª effect can be avoided with a full containment suit


This unlocks special encounters in the same way etheric does, but cannot be used to fuel item-summoning skills or etheric techniques.

Removing the effect with the skill Slags Eater can grant healing and a Healthy Glow.

Interacts with the Massive Clam.

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