Slags Quest


Talk to Lo after finishing the University Quest. If Lo is dead, you will get this quest from Dr. Amundsen. If both of them are dead you will get this quest from Mikhail


Entering the Slags

Finding Hel

  • Go to the Damaged Buildings, and make your way to the sixth floor.
  • You will find Hel there. She will ask for a Containment Suit to help her escape.
  • After getting a Containment Suit (available through various methods), talk to Hel again. Note: you need a normal containment suit or heavy containment suit — a ripped/cracked one will not work. If you only have a cracked one, she will hint at repairing it.
  • Travel to any location that isn't The Slags, then talk to Hel. She heads to Mikhail's Deli if Lo is alive. If Lo is dead she heads to Dr. Amundsen's lab instead.


  • Unlocks Outside the Slags when you accept the quest.
  • Gain Hel as a contact during the quest.
  • Gain Larry as a contact during the quest (optional).
  • Gain Boris as a contact during the quest (optional).
  • Allows you to unlock The Slags.

Quest Log

First part of quest description depends on who gave you the quest:

If Lo is alive

Lo asked you to head to the Slags to investigate the last of the four survivors, a woman named Helen or Hel.

If only Dr. Amundsen is alive

Dr. Amundsen has asked you to head to the Slags to investigate the last of the four survivors, a woman named Helen or Hel.

If both of them are dead

Mikhail relayed a final request from Lo to you. There is one last survivor, in the Slags, someone named Hel.

Second part of quest description details your progress so far:

Starting quest

From what you've heard, the Slags are a blasted ruin where an industrial accident wiped out an entire section of the city. You can't imagine they still have a Metros stop, but there might be one nearby.

When Outside the Slags

So far you haven't found a good way into the Slags. Seems pretty secure. You should probably ask the locals.

After unlocking the Testing Lab, but before passing the test

You've learned there's a test at the Midgard Bioresearch facility just outside the Slags. If you can pass that somehow, they should give you the papers to head in.

After helping Larry

You've helped a local named Larry who's agreed to ferry you into the Slags.

When you have a Slags Medical ID

You have an ID now. Should be able to walk into the Slags and investigate the buildings Hel has been hiding in.

After gaining Hel as a contact

You've found Hel and she's agreed to meet you at the base of the building she's been hiding in. However, her plan to escape requires a containment suit from the nearby lab just inside the Gates.

After giving Hel a containment suit

You've found the containment suit for Hel. You should be able to walk right out now.

Finished quest

You've rescued Hel from the Slags, perhaps it's time to see if she has any insights.


Whats the quest starting message when you get the quest from Dr. Amundsen?
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Is there a different text for wearing a complete Containment Suit?
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