Sleeping Fangs



Encounter Conditions

After successfully passing through at least one Security Hole.
When less than 10 Fangs have been killed. Fangs killed from combats you lose or run away from don't count.

Initial Text

In one of the small shacks, you find four Fang guards sleeping soundly. You've seen most of them pulling double shifts patrolling, so you'd be surprised if you could wake them short of going in there and shaking them.

A jug of fuel sits off to the right of the door, almost taunting you to take advantage of the situation.

Summary of Choices

  1. Burn it down (evil) - Kill 4 Fangs
  2. Steal what you can (evil) - gain 40-60 credits, 2-4 of Eclipse and/or cup of Joe, 1-2 of electrical kit, filthy pistol, heavy pistol and/or light armored vest or, with low stats: fight 2 Dockside Gangers and 2 Gang Enforcers
  3. Wake them - fight 2 dockside gangers and 2 gang enforcers
  4. Watch from here - gain 3 XP Perception or, with 6? Perception: unlock Security Hole
  5. Leave it - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Burn it down (evil (4))


You bar the door and spread fuel around the shack, then set it ablaze. Other guards scramble to put out the fire but not until it's far too late.

The screams of the dying echo through the camp.

(Kill 4 Fangs - Fire Death)

Steal what you can (evil (1))

You carefully sneak through the area and snag the possessions of each thug. All in all, it's a pretty good haul and no one wakes up.

You gained 40-60 credits!

You found: 2-4 tablets of Eclipse, cup of Joe

You found: 1-2 of: electrical kit, filthy pistol, heavy pistol, light armored vest

(Or, with low stats - see discussion)

Rifling around in their possessions, you manage to wake up one of the Fangs. He rolls out of bed with a shout and pulls a pistol out from under his pillow.

The first shot flies wide, but the ensuing noise is enough to wake up the others.

(Fight 2 Dockside Gangers and 2 Gang Enforcers)

Wake them

You gently wake one of the gangers and he responds with a shout, taking a shot in your general direction with a pistol from under his pillow.

The situation degenerates rapidly from there with each ganger adding another layer of chaos as they wake up into the situation.

(Fight 2 Dockside Gangers and 2 Gang Enforcers)

Watch from here


Staying in the shadows of the house, you eventually find an opening in the Fangs' defenses. You'll have to move fast, but you should be able to get there without anyone noticing. Then it's just a matter of slipping through.

(Next encounter will be Security Hole)


You stay in the shadows of the dwelling, inspecting the nearby guard posts. You don't manage to find any promising holes in their defenses, however.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

Leave it

See Walk Away

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