Sleeping Soundly

Note: This encounter was revamped and no longer exists in this form. This page is kept here for historical purposes.



Initial Text

In one of the small shacks, you find four Fang guards sleeping soundly. You've seen most of them pulling double shifts patrolling, so you'd be surprised if you could wake them short of going in there and shaking them.

A jug of fuel sits off to the right of the door, almost taunting you to take advantage of the situation.

Summary of Choices

  1. Wake them - Conversation happens
    1. Give them advice - Gain 3 XP in Will
    2. Start a fight - ?
    3. Run away - Nothing
  2. Steal their stuff - get some items
  3. Burn them - kill 4 guards

Choice Text and Results

Wake them

You go around and carefully wake up the thugs. The awaken slowly and terribly confused.

The four of them slowly stand. They seem… less hostile, but are still moving for their weapons.

Give them Advice

You take a moment to give them advice about setting up watches and increasing security. They seem extremely confused, but accept your advice and let you go gratefully.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

The coin in your hand turns warm. (If an unearthly coin is equipped.)

Start a fight


(Fight 2? 4? gangers)

Run Away

Something happens

Steal their stuff

You carefully sneak through the area and snag the possessions of each thug. All in all, it's a pretty good haul and no one wakes up.

You've gained 50-60 credits.

You found: some of: Eclipse, filthy pistol, cup of joe, heavy pistol

Burn them

You bar the door and spread fuel around the shack, then set it ablaze. Other guards scramble to put out the fire but not until it's far too late. The screams of the dying echo through the camp.

(Kill 4 guards)
(With an unearthly coin equipped, gain Cool Coin)

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