Slick Third Eye



Encounter Conditions

Only when on Dr. Thomas Quest
Ony when you have a crate of Eclipse in inventory
Only after giving the raver girl in the VIP Room

Initial Text

A slickly dressed Third Eye member slides up to you. "So, heard you got some Eclipse, off the books? Mind parting with some of it?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Here, have a crate - Lose crate of Eclipse, progress in Dr. Thomas quest
  2. I'll sell you a crate (evil) - Gain 100 credits, lose crate of Eclipse, progress in Dr. Thomas quest
  3. Sorry, no - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Here, have a crate (evil (1))

His eyes light up upon spying the crate. "Fantastic! Now I don't have to listen to that jerkoff Hawk anymore. Ha ha!"

He drags the crate slowly into the crowd and then out of the club.

I'll sell you a crate (evil (1))

His eyes narrow a bit, but he nods. "Of course, sure you went through a lot to get that. Here you go."

You gained 100 credits!

Sorry, no

See Walk Away

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