Slimy Student



Encounter Conditions

Only if you've used Arthur J. Documents

Initial Text

Making your way through the VIP room, you catch a glimpse of a familiar face.

Slicked-back hair… disdainful smirk… well dressed… Yup, it's definitely the student Amundsen was talking about.

He sits at a table, nursing a drink in one hand and using the other to toy with a chess piece. You can faintly see the projection of a board on the table, perhaps he's playing online.

Summary of Choices

  1. Make conversation - See Slimy Man (information option)
  2. Challenge him - See Slimy Man (Care for a game option)
  3. Walk on by - Gain over/under
  4. Sneak away - Walk away or Gain over/under in containment suit

Choice Text and Results

Make conversation

See slimy man (I need information)

Challenge him

See slimy man (Care for a Game?)

Walk on by

As you make your way past, he slides you a colorful drink. "Ah, hello there. Welcome to the VIP room," he flashes you a practiced grin.

"Well, have a drink on me and enjoy your stay."

You found: the over/under

Sneak away

You manage to sneak away without attracting his attention. At least, his eyes don't linger on you for long as they move across the crowd.

see walk away

OR (if you're wearing a costume?, even when not during Halloween*)

As you try to slip away, he slides up next to you and hands you a drink. "Love the costume! Three cheers for Halloween!"

His shout draws a mix of confused and concerned stares, which he ignores while slamming his own over/under.

You found: the over/under

*I had a full containment suit on. Didn't test others

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